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"A Problem is merely an Opportunity in Work Clothes..."

Hey guys... It's Kimberly Ann! :)

Radio... in a nutshell (to me), is about "relationships". Created by God, to be used for God, as a powerful, amazing, real, genuine, transparent tool to bring one-on-one, intimate encouragement, uplifting, and a "sharing of life" together.. U & Me! Amen? I love radio. With all my heart... I truly do. It's about laughing with you when you laugh and crying with you when you cry, and noticing and bringing to the "table" those things that YOU are too busy,  worn out,  distracted, or just plain unable to do or notice yourself. We give and do what we are gifted and able to do as the D.J's, and you..bring and give what you are able to bring as listeners. And together-we help each other live victoriously this daily thing called "L.I.F.E." :) 

(I have other "nutshells" but more on those later...I only have so much space here...and I've already been getting the watchful eye from my PD to see how many P's and Q's I put in here..Why he isn't worried about the A's and B's... I just don't know!) -kidding:)

 Here's a pic we snapped with Bill Scott in the studios during a past Sharathon. He really IS a great guy... no MATTER what anyone else says.. lol

Kim & Bill S


The Museum singing

~Check out The Museum singing "My Help Comes From The Lord," LIVE in the Pulse FM Studios!~

RADIO  4ColoredHearts (27)(Email Me! I'd love to hear from you!)

I launched into radio in 1986! (wow--I know) I'm gonna try and discretely keep you guessing as to my age. Why?--Just cuz it's fun!:)I was barely out of High School.. (k--watch for the hint here) and was working as a manager at a Wendy's Restaurant. They still have the best burgers in town if you ask me! The corporate district leader of the Wendy's in this area was impressed with the way I interacted with the customers and the staff and visited one day to offer me my own store! It would be brand new..and I would be the head honcho! I remember thinking.. "oh boy...if I say yes to this-then I'm committing to a looong career in fast food, and what I really want to do is make a real difference in peoples lives... one that will last forever!" I wanted more than putting a brief smile on someone's face as I lead them through the mayonnaise, pickle, ketchup, mustard speel...Ha!  My desire was genuine and real, but little did I know that God was actually prompting me and leading me in the direction He had always intended and created me to go since the time He made me. 

I wasn't living for the Lord then. I knew things "about" God but did not have an intimate personal relationship with Him. At times..I wasn't even exactly sure He was real. And if He was..I sure didn't think He loved me at all.(for the purposes of this particular page, I'll make it brief.) I applied at a little AM station in Mishawaka after calling media places and asking them advice on how to get into the business if you think you are "called" to or have the desire. I had no experience, and not much to put on my resume' except the reasons why I thought I would be good at it and would be a benefit to their company.  In (another) nutshell--they liked what they saw, heard, and read and asked me to come in for some "tests" to see how fast I could pick up skills and learn equipment, how quick & accurate I was with the controls, and how well I could operate and improvise on the air when the "on air" light was on! I guess they like what they saw. They hired me the same day! I worked there for a year, then applied at a top 40 secular station in Mishawaka called Zip 104. I worked as a night time D.J., and did the Request & Dedication Show. I loved radio, loved the people, and loved encouraging them. I was able to develop deep relationships with the "regulars", and really had a blast. But the encouragement I was able to give still wasn't the "lasting" kind that God gives. Just like secular music which identifies with your feelings, makes you feel certain emotions and stirs you up... after the song is over, you are left with no lasting change that will effect your life for the better...especially the "eternal" better. It was while at this station, that satan began pulling even harder for that little girl who was already so entrenched in the world and worldly things and ways to heal or soothe your thoughts, mind, and heart, knowing-I believe that God was beginning to crack into the hard shell that Kim had wrapped around her heart to keep out all the constant pain. (at a later date I can explain the awesome events that lead to my surrendering and making Jesus the Lord of my life.. but suffice it to say, for now.. satan lost and God won and I bowed my whole being... spirit, soul & body at the foot of my bed in a little trailer and said, "God... if you're real... I just need to know." He was, and He is, and He did, and He showed me HIM for the first time in my life! He said this had always been Him but that I had never before looked to Him to find Him. This time I did and WOW! He is so much love! He showed me the things that were sin and how I had been hurting His heart and ruining mine, and I turned my whole life over to Him January 1st of 1990. Now He is my best friend, most intimate relationship, and the biggest Love of my life!

Not too long after someone from LeSea Broadcasting was told that I had become a christian and to listen to me on the air. They did. They offered me a job. And that is how I came to be here. I've worked for LeSea going on 20 years now. Simply Amazing...considering I'm barely even 18...hahaha okay-so you are better at math than that! Later as we blog, and update our information here,  I will share more details on that. It was truly amazing.

Jars Of Clay!! Great Guys! Nice/Sweet/Funny

Snappin' a Pic quick with Jars of Clay!! Such Sweethearts! :)

Kim & Armondo Allen

Me at my first Notre Dame Game.. posing with Armondo Allen!! Love that guy.

Me in My Chair Tyler knows what to make 4 mom in art class....

(NOW.. if only REAL LIFE were that way... hahahah)

FAMILY   4ColoredHearts (27)

I have an amazingly sweet, funny, energetic, sensitive, adorably cute (he would groan..so maybe ahh--cool and handsome will have to do )..son named Tyler! He is NOW soon to be an actual TEENAGER (oh help...)October 16th! Wow! Gone are the days of Star Wars light saber 'wars' with mom! And 'tusseling and messin' around have now been re-focused into actual Jr High Wrestling! Basketball is still a big favorite for him..He played center, guard, tackle and lineman for John Young Middle School, and loved it! He has been itching for a new X-Box (I thought we HAD one.. hello?), PS3 (where does it end?.. PS2000?) And the DROID... (hmm--good luck with THAT one kid.. haha) He is now also playing the trumpet... What?--I can't hear you!  Did you say, "That's cool?")Tyler is now in his FIRST year of High School at MHS. And this year.. he is taking a break from football.. and putting all those energies into Marching Band.. and he really loves it!! All in all-- a GREAT kid.  I have an incredible, talented and beautiful Mom Julie, who celebrates a birthday this month! And a step dad, Ron (who my son adores.. for good reason), a sweet and cute sister Joelle (who gave me two amazing neices and a nephew), an awesome and amazing brother Scott, who died several years ago in a car accident along with his son (my nephew) Jordan, and they are now in Heaven watching from the grandstands while we wrap things up here.. ((I'm crying as I type .sigh) I have another niece and nephew, my brothers children who live in Nappanee... and listen to Pulse! --Yeah! And last, but definitely not least (cuz sometimes I believe in saving the best for last.).I have an amazing Father, Friend, Savior, Counselor, Prince of Peace and God!! He is my all-in-all.

TylerFB & AshleyCL

(above) Tyler's first year in Football. (7TH Grade). He is NOW in his FRESHMAN year at MHS!! Pictured with my niece.. her first year in cheer! CUTE KIDS!


Tyler decided to concentrate on his trumpet/coronet this year.. and HE is LOVING His first year of Marching Band at Mishawaka High School! I'm so proud of him. He is putting everything he has into it. And Im loving it!

Kim & Cavey

MHS RULES!... (and shhhhhh)-- that's ME--One of the "Official Cave People" --that show up at all the Mishawaka High School Home Football Games to pump up the crowd and get us excited about another great WIN! The coach loved it so much.. He included us on his 'family' Christmas Card that his clan sent out last Winter.. (blush.. what an honor)-- and The Cave People were invited to 'crash' the Awards Ceremony at the end of the year.. And WE SURE DID!  Look for us again in the stands this fall!!

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Interior Decorating, Vintage jewelry, Victorian anything, Make-Over shows (house, fashion-whatever), Flea Markets (but not fleas), Farmers Markets (but not farming).. K--stop that! Discount stores, E-BAY (love, Love LOVE..ask me about the deals I find..), Landscaping, Biking (ask me how long its been since I did that though-no bike..sigh), Hiking (I have the boots but haven't done it..I'll come up with a good excuse for that one later), Reading, Movies...golly just a ton of things...


Max Lucado, C.S. Lewis, Oswald Chambers, just to name a couple. I love "rags-2-riches" stories, and books and tv shows and testimonies where average/everyday Jill's and Joe's are given/discover a chance to fulfill, reach and live out their God-given dreams and potential. Anything spiritually deep, that teaches; Anything emotionally charged (in a good way) that moves you and changes you for the better; And anything that makes you  laugh so hard you have to stop and breathe! 


(boy...this could be a long one...) I love Pizza, Mexican... um, basically anything spicey and dicey; meaty and cheesy. I love certain Chinese dishes, Seafood, Breads, Pasta...Crunchy things, Ice Cream...(groan)---need I go on...Oh--and EXERCISE...obviously I need to with all of that. Ha!



got a ton of um...As I update the blog, I'll share um with you.:) Here's a favorite of mine by Oswald Chambers, "Never cease to be the most amazed person at what God can do through you."


ALL of um.


If you look to your left...<----that way, (don't worry...I need help too sometimes) you'll see a media player with my Devotion of the Day, that you hear on Pulse FM at 1:50pm Monday through Friday!  Just click play, and you are on your way. I'll have available on the player at all times the devotions from the previous couple weeks, in case you missed one or two or just want to hear them again. Enjoy!

Let me leave you ("finally!"...you are saying...at least my program director who is looking over my shoulder is saying) Let me leave you with this... "The stones that shine the brightest are the ones that have been polished the most by the rough sands of this life, and have allowed the Maker to scrub, prune, weed, and perfect them as He sees fit to make them the most beautiful, valuable, and priceless treasure in His Heavenly Treasure Box." --Never forget that. The ones that shine the most bright...Are the ones that have been polished the most.  That quote --is from God, to you, through me.


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