Helping a loved one with Depression

  1. LISTEN:  Be interested in what is happening in their life and how they are feeling in that moment.
  2. ENCOURAGE THE PERSON TO SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP: You may have to do this in a “round about way” by asking first if they want to talk with a friend, teacher or pastor. They may feel those people know them too well so then you can suggest a professional, someone who does not know them or their family.
  3. LET THEM KNOW IT’S OK TO GET HELP: Helping your loved one see that their could be a chemical imbalance could be helpful. Many situations can set off a chain reaction of Chemistry in the brain. If medication is suggested it can help get the  “the chemistry back to normal”.
  4. MAKE IT EASY TO GET HELP: When dealing with depression, the smallest of tasks, searching for a phone number, can feel overwhelming. Offer to help find someone and be there when the call is made.
  5. CHECK IN: If you can’t be there all the time in person to see how someone is doing be sure to call, send a note or a quick email letting them know you are there for them.

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