Pulse FM wants to Show You the Money!

Activate your name below by filing out the form and telling us what you would do with $500. Then listen for your name Monday through Thursday at 7:15, 8:15, 11:15, 1:15 and 4:15… you’ll have 10 minutes to call Pulse FM to get your name in the $500 cash giveaway on Fridays.

1.) Activate your name.

2.) Listen for your name and call 1-888-807-8573 within 10 minutes!

3.) We will draw one name each Friday to win the $500 prize! (don’t worry, we will notify you if you win)


A special thank you to our Show You the Money contest sponsors: Edward Jones Elkhart County Advisors and Kids Peace Foster Care !

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  • Would you take a vacation, buy your kids some back to school supplies, save for Christmas presents or help someone in need? Or would you finally buy that kayak you've been wanting, tickets to the broadway show that's coming to town or a puppy for the kids? Please tell us your story!