Cancer Awareness Month

Are you going through cancer? Do you have a loved one or friend walking through a cancer journey right now?

Melanie from the Pulse FM Morning Jumpstart walked through a breast cancer journey 17 years ago and discovered just how important community was. As a big Pulse FM family we would like to share encouragement with you or your loved one.

Please Share with us your story or that of someone you care about who is walking through cancer. It does not matter the kind of cancer or how old someone is or where they live. We will be here praying and supporting and sending care packages each week throughout October.

Join us in praying for Allee, Allison, Angelina, Angie, Ann, Anna, Antrinette, Aubrey, Betty, Bill, Bobby J., Bonita, Brian, Brandon, Braxton, Bridgett, Cari, Carmen, Cassie, Cheri, Cheyenne, Cindy, Clark, Claude, Cole, Coleen, Colleen, Connie, Courtney, Dalis, Dan, Darren, Dawn, Denise, Diane, Don, Erna, Faustina, Gene, Gerry, Harry, Heidi, Jack, James, Jammie, Jason, Jeanne, Jeannie, Jennifer, Jenny D., Jenny W., Jerry H., Jerry H., Jerry J., John Ba., John Br., John V., Judge Steve, Julie, Karley, Karon, Karrie, Kathy M, Kathy T., Katie, Kevin, Kim, , Kimberly S., Kimi, Kimmie, Laura, Laurie, Leilani, Levi, Linda G., Linda MD., Linda Mo., Lisa E., Lisa M, Lisa S., Liz, Lois, Lori, Luanne, Lynee, Mackenzie, Margie, Marianne, Mark, Marlene, Marlies, Martha, Megan, Merna, Michael, Michele F., Michele S., Mike, Misty, Mukhabbat, Nancy, Pam, Penni, Presley, Renee, Riley, Robyn, Ron, Ruby, Russell, Sara, Scott, Shawna, Sheila, Stephanie, Steve, Tami, Tammie, Terri, Thomas, Tisha, Travis, Valerie, and Vernon

THANK YOU to Janelle from Luminious Library and Elizabeth from The Sign Den for helping us send sunshine and smiles to peoples mailboxes!