Pulse FM’s Teacher Supplies Surprise

Pulse FM and Jordan Automotive Group are giving away $4,000 to teachers.

Are you a teacher? Do you know a teacher that could use help with supplies? Fill out and submit the form. Every Friday in August there will be multiple winners!

Ashley Parmelee - Holy Cross School
Cheri Bacon - Lakeshore Middle School
Christopher Horvath - Schmucker Middle School
Diana Eberhardt - Rossevelt Elementary
Dylan Peyton - Decatur Public Schools
Emily Livingood - Wakarusa Elementary
Emma Zerfas - Discovery Middle School
Erin Taylor - Morgan Township Middle/High School
Karen Chester - Chamberlain Elementary
Kennedy Hill - Wakarusa Elementary
Renee Johanson - Prairie Vista
Shirley Penley - Edwardsburg
Stephanie Betzer - Moran Elementary
Stephanie Henson - Pierceton Elementary
Taylor Jacobs - Wawasee Middle School